Video Review: Regard & RAYE “Secrets”

A young man rides a motorcycle on a bridge at night. Within his helmet, he sees readings of the gears in the motorcycle. On a stack of televisions, RAYE wears a navy blue business suit against a yellow car on the street at night. Cars travel at rapid speed on the expressways.

The young man parks his motorcycle and enters a warehouse. He walks into a bar with multiple pool tables. Lit in royal blue, he sees a room full of mannequins. Standing by the televisions, he grins as he stares RAYE. He knocks over the mannequins and leaves the warehouse.

A car follows him in the tunnel. He swerves in the lanes to lose the car. The car tries to keep with him. The young man speeds off as the car ends up in the first lane.

Rating: 4/5

The young man touches the mannequins’ chin. Its face was similar to his. He looks at his human arms and feels them. There had been other models like him somewhere. Opening door after door, he finds offices and computer. In the basement, he discovers previous models. Some he recognized. One had been a cashier at the grocery store. He opens the door into the office and begins to analyze its contents with his helmet. After trying several passwords, he’s allowed access to the system. He searches through the files and reads about the mannequins. Scanning it with his helmet, he sends them to several reporters. People had to know what was going on.

The mannequins were manufactured humans. He believed he had been a human his entire life. However, his girlfriend had found a barcode on his arm and asked about it. He had been shut down without notice. His mouth closed, he couldn’t tell her what was happening. He wanted to comfort her and tell her they’d solve it together. His girlfriend screamed for help and called 911. Two men had walked into her apartment and took him.

The warehouse had been a cold place to live. While the two programmers discussed him, he continued to record them and create an override system. They released him with a GPS monitor. He had ripped it out two hours ago. Even though he had escaped, the person in the car following him would eventually catch up to him. He drives past his girlfriend’s house and leaves her a letter. She had to know it was real.

Director: Harry Lindley Year: 2020

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