Video Review: Jhené Aiko “P*$$Y Fairy (OTW)”

Jhené Aiko raises her arms over her head in a mauve-lit dance studio. A young man dances a few feet behind her. They bend down and point their finger in opposite directions. They spin and jump. She runs her hand through her hair. Tapping her chest with hands, she waves her fingers. They both move their hands in front of their face.

She sways her hips and places her hands near her crotch. The young man kneels down, moving his hands back and forth. She stands, wearing a Chilombo necklace.

Rating: 4/5

Jhené Aiko puts her hands on her hips and tells the young man they have to get the routine down. The young man puts her hand on her shoulder and tells her they will. She says it needs to stand out. The young man gestures for her to stand in front of the mirror.

She strokes his hair as they take a break. He says the showcase is a month away and there is time to improve on things. She picks at her nails while she says that the other dancers aren’t going to appreciate it. However, something isn’t working. She moves her hands in front of her face and says it doesn’t seem right. He suggest they can criss-cross them instead. She nods and says it’s an easy fix.

He demonstrates one of the turns and she says it translates. She says the point is to be subtle and build a romance the audience can identify with. He puts her arms around her and says people will feel the chemistry between them. She says it just gets picked up by a company or that someone will fund it. She sees such potential in it. He says he’ll work on social media over the weekend. She says she wants to talk to the marketing director and see if it can get featured on the website. He says he can arrange some of their dancers to talk. She nods and says they need to go over it one more time. He gets up and brushes off his pants. She kisses him on the cheek and says she’s glad she has him.

Director: Brandon Parker Year: 2020

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