Video Review: Modjo “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)”

An 16-year-old young man packs his duffel bag, grabs a 20 dollar bill off the counter and walks to a diner. He sits at a table with a 16-year-old young woman and her boyfriend, his best friend. They pool their money at the table. She kisses his best friend. His best friends side-eyes them as the young man puts his arm around his girlfriend.

They walk to a used car dealer and buy a car. The young woman sits in the backseat, her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder. They park the car at the Super Festival Country lot. They walk together from tent to tent and watch the acts. A group of people line-dance as they walk. They sit at a table while a fiftysomething man performs. After he finishes, they get up on stage and perform.

They perform against a sky blue background.

In the tent, people shout them off the stage. They run and get in their car. They park at a motel and sneak into a room through the window. They take a shower together and sleep in bed. A fortysomething woman talks to the manager about them in her room. They run to the car.

The car stalls on the expressway. The young woman urges them to walk in the field with her. They stop at a hill and view the city.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman tells the 16-year-old young man that he has something on his lip and rubs it off with her finger. He takes a bite of her spaghetti with his fork. Her boyfriend feeds her some of his chicken. She says the chicken is really good and feeds a piece of it to the young man.

Her boyfriend counts the money and walks up to the pay the check. She says to the young man she can’t wait to dance at the festival and moves  in her seat. He laughs and tells her to stop. She grins and says he’s no fun. Her boyfriend asks them if they are ready to go.

Her boyfriend snarks on the fiftysomething man in the cowboy hat on stage. She glances around for the young man. Her boyfriend says he said he was going to try to get them some bracelets for the food. The young man finds them and hands them their bracelets. He puts the bracelet on the young woman. She kisses her boyfriend.

While in the car, the young man says the people were really rude about them getting on stage. The young woman says the band was on a break anyhow. She pulls out some corn dogs and says she grabbed some on the way. They tell her she’s awesome. Her boyfriend says he feels grimy. She says she sees a sign for a motel at the next exit.

At the motel, they find an empty room and go into the shower. The young man washes the young woman’s hair. She rubs his back. He kisses her. Her boyfriend walks in and takes off his shirt. She puts her arms around him. The young man gazes at her. She was their girlfriend, although it was unspoken. They shared her.

In the bed, she tells she loves them. The young man puts his arm on her back. She snuggles with her boyfriend. A knock on the window wakes them up and they leave again. Back in the car, the young man says they were lucky to get away. Her boyfriend says it was so close. The car overheats and the young man puts his head on the steering wheel. She tells them to forget it and they’ll walk home. They’ve made it this far. The young man and his best friend nod at each other. They’d follow her anywhere.

Director: François Nemeta Year: 2000

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