Video Review: Tom Walker “Wait For You”

A twentysomething woman turns on cell phone camera as she walks on her porch. A second twentysomething adjusts her cell phone camera and walks to the field. A thirtysomething man and woman walk to their sunroom. Two twentysomething men get in position on a track field. A second thirtysomething man sits barefoot on a bench.

Some of the dancers raise their arms as they perform by the window of their homes. A fortysomething woman performs a dance in her garden. A second twentysomething woman warms up in the back of the building. A third twentysomething woman does a headstand and moves her legs as she looks out the window.

A third twentysomething man dances by his paintings and art supplies hanging on the wall. White lines outline his body. Several dancers pirouette in their homes. A fourth twentysomething woman kicks her leg as she dances in the narrow street. A fourth twentysomething man dances under a bridge. Multiple white outlines of his body dance alongside him. Several dancers leap in a field or a studio. One young man jumps as the sun sets. The fiftysomething man and woman look into each other’s eyes as they stand in their backyard.

Rating: 4/5

The third twentysomething woman opens her duffel bag and puts on her lyrical shoes. She turns on her laptop and enters the password. She chooses her class and starts the warm-up. Pausing it, she practices the turns a couple of times and types a question for the instructor. She includes a video and sends it.

A second twentysomething woman dances in the field. She laughs while her boyfriend films her. He tells her she’s awesome and should try out for the school’s team. She does a cartwheel and jumps up and down in celebration. Putting her arm around her boyfriend, she says it’s just for fun.

A third twentysomething man performs by the paintings while the people pass by his booth. Some people stop and clap. He bows and accepts their tips. A few of them buy some art supplies and ask about the paintings. He says they are on sale and he can have them shipped. The third twentysomething stands by the wall as one of the managers stare at him. A young woman says he’s the guy who dances. He nods and sees his manager from the corner of his eye. She says she loves his videos and artwork. She picks out two paintings and tells him to add more videos.

Director: Chris Ullen Year: 2020

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