Video Review: Tracie Spencer “Still In My Heart”

Lit in royal blue, Tracie Spencer drives on the road. On the beach, her boyfriend stretches his arms while they sit against a rock. Back in royal blue, she glances at the ocean while she drives. She walks on the beach. Her boyfriend paddles with his surfboard in the ocean and rides a wave. He carries her as he walks in the water. Back in royal blue, she leans against the rock.

She puts her arms around him as they walk on the beach. They ride a dune buggy across the sand. They dance at a bonfire. While she sleeps on the blanket, he gives her a kiss and grabs his surfboard. As the sun rises, he surfs. She wakes up and runs to the shore, searching for him.

Rating: 5/5

Tracie Spencer places a flower on the sand. She bows her head in prayer and stares at the beach. Her boyfriend was home. She could feel his spirit around her. Today was the three-year anniversary of his passing. It comforted her to know he was with God now. However, she thought of him everyday.

They spent most of the summer on the beach, starting in the evening. The bartenders knew their orders and they talked to them about their day. Some of the regulars liked to have bonfires. They’d grill hot dogs and dance to the music together. He and his surfer friends often discussed the weather and gave each other tips about how to handle the waves. Usually, the surfers turned to him for questions. He was considered the most experienced one. Although he taught her how to surf, she had decided it wasn’t for her. She had lost balance and freaked out. It had taken her almost an entire week to recover from it. But she liked to watch him.

The bartender waves “hello” to her. She orders a drink. He tells her it’s on him and asks if it’s still the usual. She says “huh?” and then nods. As she sips her drink, he tells her her boyfriend hasn’t been forgotten. They are having a memorial tomorrow if she’d like to stay. She tips him and says it’s gotten to be too much already. He says it’s good to see her. She says it was really tough to come back. He tells her he had to quit for awhile. She sighs and tells him he was such a good person. The bartender says it was a great loss. She turns to the stool towards the ocean and watches the waves.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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