Video Review: JC Chasez & Dirt McGirt “Some Girls (Dance With Women)”

JC Chasez drives his sportscar at night while two corn yellow borders the top and bottom of the screen. He says hello to a few women talking on the patio. Spotting a long-haired blonde young woman, he follows her to the steps of the mansion. The second blonde young-haired woman kisses her. They watches as they walk downstairs.

Walking into the ballroom, he sees young women covering their faces with masquerade masks. In a room, two young women graze their lips across his cheeks. Some women, wearing white wigs and corsets, kick up their legs as they sit on the table. He stands by the red curtain and rubs his hands together.

A young woman runs her hand on Chasez’s chest as he talks to them. A third young woman with shoulder-length hair puts her finger on his lips. She walks away. Dirt McGirt raps while he sits on a couch. Chasez stands with him. He stands by the couch by himself and opens his jacket.

Chasez takes a chair and leans against it while the women dance behind him. He walks on the dancefloor and heads to the red curtain. One of the long-haired young women open it for him. They kiss his cheek and touch him. He leaves the party and walks to his car.

Rating: 2/5

JC Chasez stands in the corner and taps his foot. Two young women walk up, drinks in their hands. He listens to them whisper about a young man’s cheap suit. Chasez glances at his suit and flicks some lint off of it. They see him and giggle. Chasez looks at his loafers.

The two long-haired young women had to be there somewhere. They were the ones who led him to the party and got him inside. A second young woman grumbles that they are just letting anyone in now and walks away in a huff. Chasez gulps. He was comfortable. However, his money wasn’t from a trust. He still had to watch how he spent it.

Chasez walks through the crowd. A server hands him some pâté. He eyes it and takes a bite. Coughing, he tries to find a napkin on a table. He looks for a dessert table. His stomach rumbles. He had been on his way to get something to eat with friends when he decided to go with the two long-haired young women.

He walks through the crowd. Two young men says his attention is required and take him to a curtain. He wasn’t sure what to expect. The two long-haired young women kiss him and tell him he’s handsome. He tells him his name. They tell him it’s better if they don’t know. He leans back and lets the young women touch him. After ten minutes, they open the door and tell him to have a nice night. Chasez clears his throat and stands at the closed door. He looks up and tries to the find the stairway.

Director: Martin Weisz Year: 2003


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