Video Review: Ella Henderson “Take Care of You”

Ella Henderson sits on her bed and presses the Ella program on her laptop. It loads and the MP3 player plays. She records herself and talks to one of her friends on the messenger. As several videos play, an error message occurs, asking her if she wants “do you want to delete this feelings?” She closes out the boxes and clicks on Relive Memories feature.

All her videos play on her computer in separate screens. She picks a video of some of her family in a kayak. A message on the screen reads: “Take me back?” She answers yes. She makes a phone call and waves a dandelion. Several videos show up. It asks “Remember this?” She presses yes.

She rides her bicycle on the trail. Some videos show her in the field. In bed, she blows a kiss. As she drives her car, she sings along with the radio. Back in bed, she waves her pillow around. System error messages fill the screen. She sits on top her car and watches the sunset. Back in bed, she shuts down the laptop.

Rating: 3/5

Ella Henderson blows her nose and throws the tissue in the wastebasket. Sitting up in her bed, she installs a new piece of software to play her videos. She giggles at her niece, who dances at a wedding. She smiles at seeing her parents at the lake. Her phone rings and and she answers on her laptop.

Her mom asks her if she’s feeling any better. Henderson says yes. She has a lot more energy and actually wants to move around. Her mom says if she’s still taking the antibiotics.  She says she’ll be finished tomorrow. As she sneezes, her mom tells her “bless you.” Her mom adds that she’ll be coming by with some soup. Henderson says she’s craving solid food. Her mom says she’ll stop by with a hamburger. Henderson asks for some fries. Her mom says she may get some ice cream for her. It could help with her throat. Henderson says she’s getting hungry.

Henderson lies down and scrolls through her social media. People tell her to feel better. In her direct messages, one of her friends to be on the watch for a gift. Henderson types back that they didn’t have to send her anything. Her friend responds she’ll enjoy it once she sees it. Henderson yawns and puts her phone down. She falls asleep on her bed.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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