Video Review: Usher “Confessions, Pt II”

Usher writes in his notebook while in the studio. His phone rings and he answers. He tells one of his girlfriends he’ll call her when he gets a chance. He says, “I’m at the studio, man!” and gestures at the producer that he’ll be a minute. He tells her, “quit playing with me, man. No, for real, don’t play like that.” He pauses, furrows his brow, and asks her, “are you serious? How you know?” He stands up and tells her, “put that on everything.” His hand on his forehead, he tells her, “I’ll call you back.”

He walks out of the studio and into his car. While sitting in a chair at his house, he nods his head and taps his foot on the floor. His rubs his hand over his face and forehead. He stands up and kicks the chair. He pounds the wall with his wrists. While he dances on top of a piano, he takes off his shirt. Lying down, he sees his current girlfriend on the right and the other girlfriend on the left.

He gets out of his car and slides toward his current girlfriend, hugging her waist. She shoves him away from her. After she slaps him, he hangs his head and takes off his tank top. He walks toward the wall and stares into the mirror. The mirror cracks. He continues to stare at the wall.

Rating: 3.5/5

Usher holds the baby as it coos. His other girlfriend comments that their baby boy is smiling at him. She asks him how his current girlfriend took the news. He shakes his head and tells her it’s over. She shrugs and says it’s her loss. Usher says he really loved her. His other girlfriend takes back their baby and holds him. She says they can see each other once in awhile. Usher says he’s still in town for a couple of days.

As they take a walk, she tells him she’s seeing someone and it may become serious. He asks her if he knows him. She says he’s not in the industry. However, she hasn’t told him the baby was his. Her current boyfriend adores the baby and will be a good father. Usher says that’s what their baby needs. Her current boyfriend will at least be around. Her other girlfriend tells him she’ll send him pictures and videos. Usher says he’d like to visit sometimes. She shows him a picture of her current boyfriend. He tells her they make a good couple. She grins and says she thinks so, too. Usher’s phone beeps and he ignores it. He says he can talk to his manager later. His manager texts him to call him right now. Usher excuses himself.

On the park bench, he asks his manager what’s going on. His manager says his former girlfriend is threatening to go to the press. Usher exclaims, “no!” His other girlfriend turns out and mouths, “what?” Usher shakes his head while his manager continues to talk. Usher tells him he has to go. His ex wants to talk to the press. His other girlfriend puts her head down. Usher gives her a kiss on the cheek and says he has to talk to her before she releases the information. He says he wants to protect them. His other girlfriend says to keep her posted as she walks back home. Usher says he’s going to wait for his car.

Directors: Chris Robinson & Usher Year: 2004

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