Video Review: J. Holiday “Bed”

J Holiday writes on the tour bus. His guitarists taps on his leg and he picks up his head. Holiday opens the motel door and sits on his bed. A young woman lies on her bed.

Holiday dances against a faded red wall. The young woman sprays perfume on her neck. She leans against the sliding door. He puts his hand on the bathroom mirror and packs his duffel bag. She pulls at the sheet. Walking on the side of the road, he sticks out his thumb. He crosses the street and stops at a used car dealership. He buys a car in cash. He listens to music in his car.

He pulls up in the young woman’s driveway and they hug as she opens the door. She kisses him and touches his face. They cuddle in bed. He kisses her as she sleeps, grabs his plane ticket on the nightstand and gets into the taxi.

Rating: 3/5

J Holiday texts his manager that he’s in line to board the plane at the airport. It was his manager’s 10th message. His band members were asking where he went. He explains he had to just get away. Online, he reads about the concert cancellations due to him being sick. His fans tell him to get better. He types on his social media that he’s feeling better and thanks them for caring. While on the plane, he reads over the fees and complaints from the promoters and venue. His manager told him several people on his crew quit, thinking it was over.

But he had to get off the bus. He hadn’t seen his girlfriend in three months. There was no time off for another two weeks. He did what he had to do and left the hotel without telling anyone. Apparently, there had speculation online he wanted to end the tour. His manager had said in the articles that J Holiday was dedicated to his career.  Once he bought his car, he called his manager and asked to give a statement that he needs an extra day of rest. His manager sends him a plane ticket and says a taxi will be at his girlfriend’s house early in the morning.

While with his girlfriend, he says he likes being a singer. However, he’d like her to go on tour with him. She says she can’t. He says he needs someone who really knows him to be with him. She tells him it’s only a couple more months and then it’ll be back to normal. He rubs his forehead and says he has a lot to think about.

Director: Jonathan Mannion Year: 2007

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