Video Review: Meghan Trainor “All The Ways”

A young woman (Bailee Madison) reads her text messages and shows her friend while they sit in her bedroom. She and her friend dance on her bed. She walks into the restaurant and waves to the teddy bear sitting in the booth. They laugh and talk over drinks.

While on a walk, she puts his arm around her. He takes her hand as he helps out of the carriage. They cuddle as they watch television together on the couch. They read books while on the couch in the afternoon. At night, they pass by a store. She notices he’s not beside and sees him checking out a pink teddy bear in display. She chews him out on the sidewalk. He walks with his head down. She wipes a tear as she sits on her bed.

Carrying some flowers, he knocks on her apartment door. She opens the door and rolls her eyes as she closes the door. He leans against the wall. She walks down the hallway and accepts the flower. She hugs him.

They walk into a party and people congratulate them.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman gazes at her engagement ring as it shines. Her co-worker takes her hand and says it’s gorgeous. She grins and says her fiance knew what she wanted. Her co-worker says she’s so happy they got back together. The young woman says they were meant to be.

She tries on a hat at the store and sees a lavender teddy bear on the counter. It had perfume in its arms and was a free gift. She shakes her head and knocks it over. Her fiance would drool over her and she would have to get his attention back. Again. However, one of the conditions of them being together was that he was not allowed to anywhere without her. There were too many temptations for him.

He opens a present and shows off the can opener. She tells her friends and family that theirs just broke. He kisses her. Their friends and family say “awww!” She excuses herself and walks to the kitchen. She paces back and forth. He didn’t seem into it at all. In their last picture, he wasn’t smiling. He had a dead-eyed look in his eyes. Her friend walks into the kitchen and asks if she’s okay. The young woman puts on a smile and says she needed a moment to herself. She says everything is moving so fast. Her friend tells her she’s has the rest of her life with him and they’ll laugh about the craziness later. She nods and says they will, they always do.

Director: Brian Petchers Year: 2019

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