Video Review: Doja Cat & Gucci Mane “Like That”

Doja Cat sways as young women, in white crop tops, skirts and ski masks dance in the corner. An animated planet turns above her. Animated bubblegum pink hearts throb on the aqua walls.

An animated Doja Cat, painted in royal blue with red lips, opens her eyes as her hair blows in the wind.

She dances by herself as white stars sparkle on the walls.

The animated Doja Cat raises her arm as lightning strikes. She stands with her arms crossed over head in the as the stars shine in the sky. Back in the hallway, she and the dancers bounce the animated hearts off their knees. Animated cell phones bounce in the air and two spaceships fly past each other. The animated Doja Cat takes her sceptor and points it in the sky.

She dances against an imperial red background. It rotates to a sea green. The animated Doja Cat points her finger and flames shoot out. The flames appear in her eyes. She aims her scepter and it engulfs the sky in flames. Lit in chili red, Gucci Mane leans against a car while the young women dance by him. Animated dollar signs appear on his sunglasses. She dances in the front seat.

An animated Doja Cat flies in the sky and blows a giant kiss. She winks and bounces on the stars. Against the chili red background, she does the splits by the car.

Rating: 4/5

Doja Cat dances in the hallway and catches an animated heart. She holds it to her chest and it dissolves within her. She jumps up and tries to touch one of the animated plants. As she hangs onto its ring, she climbs on the wall and gets sucked into the planet.

She flies in the sky and tries to figure out where she is. Realizing her form has changed, she blends in within the sky to hide. A flower blooms, growing eyes and a mouth. Its eyes bulge and says it’s an honor. A star lands on her palm and says to check her outfit. She finds a scepter. The planet was hers to rule.

The scepter burns her hand and she jumps. It bounces back into her hand. She had tapped into its power. Pointing it at the sky, she shouts she’s there to stay. The ground shakes beneath her. The sky collapses around her. She drops down to the hallway. The scepter falls beside her on the floor. She picks it up and dances with it.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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