Video Review: Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield “What Have I Done To Deserve This?”

A young woman, wearing a purple and orange feathered headdress and sequined bodysuit, talks with one of the trombonists in the orchestra in the dressing room of the O2 Brixton Academy in London, United Kingdom. A second young woman, wearing glasses and the same costume, talks with a fiftysomething man as they stand in line backstage.  A third young woman fixes her glasses as Neil sings as he stands next to her.

The third young woman walks down the hallway. She turns around and removes her glasses. Chris sits on a chair in the dressing room and sits on the stairs as the young women walk to the stage. He plays the trombone by himself in the dressing room and walks out by himself.

Dusty Springfield performs on stage. The young women dance in silhouette as Neil stands by the fire extinguisher.  He kicks up his leg and spins between the curtains. The young women continue to dance on stage. Back in silhouette, they bring chairs as they walk on stage.

The crew members pull up the curtain as Neil, Chris and Dusty perform on stage. The young women join them as the members of the orchestra stand and play. They walk off the stage, leaving Neil, Chris and Dusty by themselves.

Rating: 5/5

The third young woman studies for a test as she sits in the dressing room. She writes down notes and tucks it in the drawer. The young woman next to her that there’s so many people out there. A fourth young woman says it’s her third show in a year and she hopes it makes it past the first week. The third young woman says having Dusty Springfield has been drawing interest. The young woman says she hopes Springfield can handle it. She ran into her in the hallway and she seemed really nervous. The third young woman says it’s Springfield’s first major show in years. The fourth young woman says Springfield better not mess up her chance.

Springfield sits in her dressing room and warms up her voice. Neil knocks on the door and she tells him to come in. Neil asks her how she’s feeling. Springfield shakes her head and says she isn’t sure she can go out there. Neil sits down next to her and tell her she can do it. Springfield knows she can. However, there is so much pressure. Neil answers there is but she has friends. Some of the dancers idolize her. They consider her a mentor.

The fiftysomething man shows the second young woman a photo of his grandchild. The second young woman says he’s too cute. The fiftysomething man his family is at the show. She says her mom was able to make it. The fiftysomething man says they’ll have to go out to eat afterwards. She says her mom will be so excited. The director calls out “five minutes!” The fiftysomething man and second young woman watch as Springfield walks by him. They say hello to her and exchange concerned looks.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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