Video Review: Ashanti “Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)”

Ashanti, wearing a white bikini top and jeans, dances on a beach in Miami, Florida. She turns to watch her boyfriend walk by the shore. He puts her arms around her waist as she continues to dance.

Wearing a cowboy hat, a red bikini and a patterned top, she continues to dance on the beach. Wearing a cut-out dress, she dances in the water as an elephant swims behind her. She rides the elephant on the sand.

Ashanti lies on the bed in the cabin. Her boyfriend walks in, towel around his waist and she laughs. He touches her hand and lies next to her. He sits on the couch and watches as she dances for him. He sits in front of the bed and she rubs his chest. As they drive to the forest, she dances in front of the trees as night while he sits in the car. She snaps her fingers as she and her boyfriend lie on the ground together.

Rating: 5/5

Ashanti giggles as her boyfriend rides his bike with no hands. She says he’s so silly. They reach their cabin and put down their bikes. She finds their blankets and lays them on the sand. He says he could use a drink as he kisses her. He takes the phone and asks her what she’d like to have. She tells him a strawberry daiquiri. He laughs and says she can have some vodka if she wants. Ashanti tells him that she’d get sick and she wants to be able to go dancing later.

She sits on the bed and looks through a magazine. Her boyfriend smiles at her and sits beside her. She rolls over and touches his hand. She puts his hand on his chest. He kisses her and they sleep together. She lifts up her head and checks the time. She takes a shower as he continues to sleep. Walking on the beach, she watches the sunrise. She sets the alarm for her him and gets out their fishing poles.

He rubs his eyes as the alarm rings. As he gets up, he says he’ll meet her at the dock. She carries the box and breathes in the fresh air. Dangling her feet off the dock, she watches the water as she tosses in the reel. He sits beside her about ten minutes later and asks her if she got anything. She says not yet. He says he hopes to get a big fish. She says it might be today. He says if they catch some walleye, he’ll be able to make her dinner. She pulls some of her hair back and says they need to go to the store then. He puts her arm around her and says she can make the list and he’ll get it for her. They smile at one another.

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 2003

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