Video Review: Marshmello & Halsey “Be Kind”

Halsey sits in her chair in her apartment, her leg crossed. She dances in her seat, kicking her legs up in the air. Getting up from her chair, she reaches for the flower on the seat. As she continues to dance, she drops the flower on the floor.

Wearing a canary yellow mini-skirt and white crop-top, she dances on the sidewalk. The petals from a cherry blossom tree fall as she continues to dance under it. She picks a sunflower. Holding the sunflower, she looks at the two cherry blossom trees on the trail. She continues to dance on the bumblebee yellow pavement in the park and sits on the bench.

She sits up in the chair and sees the virtual reality machine in front of her face. As she touches it, the machine turns off.

Rating: 3/5

Halsey puts the book on the shelf. In the virtual reality machine, she enters the book as an option. It takes her to New York City, where she is sitting with the best friend. She explains to her best friend that she isn’t sure what to do about her boyfriend. The server brings them their cocktails. Her best friend says she has to be careful. Halsey shakes her head and says she has to do the right thing.

Halsey kisses the other man and tells him she can’t. She has someone else. He tells her they can figure out things out as they go along. Halsey says she can’t do that. Walking to her boyfriend’s house, she tells she can’t be with him. She was with someone else. He confesses that he went out on a date with her best friend yesterday. Halsey calls out “done!” and the virtual program ends.

She enters the option for being in a stylized garden. While walking, she plucks dandelions and sunflowers. A fluffy white kitten sits on her lap as she sits on the bench. She pets it as she watches the trees sway from the light breeze. She takes the kitten home with her and feeds it tuna. The reality machine turns to her and alerts her it’s on low battery. She calls out “off!” and sits up in her chair as she sits in her family room.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2020

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