Video Review: DaBaby & Roddy Ricch “Rockstar”

DaBaby drives down the road and listens to talk radio. A zombie drags his bloodied foot on the ground. DaBaby turns and stops by the zombie. The zombie pounds on the window and DaBaby opens it. While the zombie screams at him, DaBaby shoots it and drives off.

In the forest, he holds his gun and hides by a tree. He runs and tracks them.

DaBaby and Roddy Ricch stand in the center of the forest while some zombies play guitar.

DaBaby shoots three zombies. However, the fourth zombie takes away his gun and pins him to the ground. DaBaby sits in the field and asks his little girl to walk towards him. He picks up his gun and shoots the fourth zombie. Roddy Ricch looks for zombies by the barn. He hides by a truck and takes out several zombies. DaBaby helps him defeat them and drops his gun on one of the bodies. DaBaby winces as he sees more zombies approaching. He runs into them, shooting in every direction.

Rating: 4.5/5

DaBaby fills his tank with gas. Roddy Ricch stands in front of the car, holding his rifle. DaBaby says he’s going to run in to find some snacks. Ricch nods and says to make it quick. It’s been too quiet. DaBaby glances over the aisles as he runs his hands along the empty shelves. He grabs a few packages of candy and tiptoes to the refrigerator. He reaches for the water on the top shelf. Ricch calls for him to look out and shoots at the zombie plodding from behind the register. DaBaby runs into the car while Ricch jumps inside.

As they drive, DaBaby asks him if he thinks there any humans left. Ricch says he doesn’t know. He’d like to think they are. DaBaby nods and says he was thinking of his daughter again. Ricch pats him on the shoulder and says he’d give anything to see his family again. DaBaby says he let his guard down. Ricch said he was cautious and the hope of a vaccine was the only thing that kept him going. DaBaby tells him they are on their own. Ricch says they have to rely one another.

Ricch and DaBaby drive in silence as they go through town. DaBaby points to a church and says he was supposed to go to his best friend’s wedding. He was standing up. Then it all hit. Ricch says he just got a new job after being out of work for almost a year. He was dating a young woman for about six months and they were planning to move in together. DaBaby tells him he’s sorry. Ricch shrugs and aims his gun. While he shoots a zombie, he says that’s just how it is.

Director: Reel Goats Year: 2020

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