Video Review: Susanna Hoffs “All I Want”

Susanna Hoffs puts her over her head as it rains in the city. Smoke billows from the pavement as she walks. A fortysomething man carries his guitar as he walks on the train tracks. She leans against the apartment building while he looks at the display of hats in the store window. He rubs his eyes.

She sits on her bed in her apartment while the fortysomething man plays guitar on the sidewalk. Looking out her window, she sees people walking into stores as the cars drive past them. She plays her guitar by the window. He glances at the Play Room, a diner, as he walks.

Rating: 2.5/5

Susanna Hoffs takes off her shoes as she walks into her apartment. She calls her cat and curses herself for forgetting the mail. She tells her cat she’ll be right back and walks downstairs. As she looks out the window, she sees a thirtysomething man play guitar on the sidewalk. She waves to him. He was around often. However, she had heard he was from another city. But she thought he just wandered and happened to land wherever he was.

She walks outside and listens to him play. As she drops some dollar bills in his guitar case, he thanks her and she asks him where he’s from. He shakes his head and plays a song about living in the country. She smiles at him and walks back to her apartment.

The thirtysomething man could live his life as he wanted. He wasn’t going to let himself be tied to a place. She yawns as she sets her alarm clock for 5 a.m. for work. It seemed all she did was work and hang out with her boyfriend. Sometimes she played the guitar. She can’t even think the last time she composed a song. In the newspaper, she searches for an art show. She had moved to the city to experience culture and create. However, she ended up with an office job, where she headed the birthday club and helped organize the holiday party every year. Every other day, she went out with her boyfriend and watched their favorite television shows as she drifted off to sleep. She finds a pop art show and circles it. Her boyfriend calls and she tells she can’t come over. She isn’t feeling well. He tells her she hopes she feels better. She goes to her closet and searches for some dressy clothes to wear to the show.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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