Video Review: Camila Cabello “First Man”

In a home video, Camila Cabello, at about 12 years old, announces, “here with us in LA, performing live right now.” Her father sits with her as a baby and touches her pacifier. He burps her. Her mother checks on her while in the stroller.

Against a white background, she watches the home videos on a television on a platform.

Back on the television, her father takes pictures of her as an infant. He feeds her and kisses her on the forehead as she sits in the portable baby carrier. Her dad makes a funny face. She plays with the Skip-It in the family room and runs down the stairs. As a child, she hangs out with her baby sister and her dad.

She and her dad sit on a couch, their heads touching as they watch the old family videos.

Back in the videos, she hugs her father in the kitchen. Wearing a white dress, she lets go of her father’s hand and dances as snow falls in the garden. In the videos, she roller skates on the sidewalk and swims with her little sister at the beach. She talks with her dad as they swim in the water.

Rating: 4/5

Camila Cabello puts her arm around her boyfriend as she sits with her parents. She sits up straight and pulls back a strand of her hair. Her father asks her boyfriend about his job. Her boyfriend clears his throat and says that it’s been going well. He corrects himself and adds a sir at the end. Cabello and her father giggle. She gives him a playful punch on the arm and says she doesn’t have to call him sir. They’ve known each other for years now. Her boyfriend says he just wants to be respectful. Her father tells him he can call him by his first name. She kisses her father and says they are going to get going. He tells them to have a good time.

Cabello calls her father as she gets ready for bed. She tells him she’ll be over at her boyfriend’s tonight. Her boyfriend waves his arm, mouthing “no, no, no.” Her father tells her to be safe and he’ll see her tomorrow. She tells him she loves him. He says he loves her, too. While she lies in bed with her boyfriend, he puts his hands over his face and says her father is going to hate him. She says her father likes him and trusts him. He’s okay with it.

Her boyfriend drops her home. Her father sits up in his chair and tells her good morning. She asks him if he’d been sitting there all night. He admits that he was. She gives him a hug and tells him that her boyfriend is still intimidated by him. Her father says she should invite him when they go to the beach next weekend. Her boyfriend won’t take him seriously afterwards. She says it’ll help her boyfriend. He tells her that no matter what, she’ll always be his little girl. She smiles and says that she knows and he’ll be the one who taught her how to love.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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