Video Review: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince “Summertime”

Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff, split between two photographs, sit on the grass in the park in the afternoon. As Smith sits on a moving table, DJ Jazzy Jeff hands him a drink. They sit down and roll through the park.

Some young men sit on lawn chairs and dance in their seats in the park. Smith dances with some family. A 5-year-old girl hugs a 5-year-old boy. He holds the tongs as he stands in the buffet line. Smith holds three-year-old nephew.

Back on the moving table, Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff check out a young woman walking on the sidewalk. Smith waves to some young women in a sports car as they drive past them. Hot dogs and hamburgers cook on the grill as Smith stands in line. Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff play a game of basketball.

A few kids splash the water from the fire hydrant as they play. A fortysomething man holds up a camera and takes a picture of his family. A 16-year-old young woman plays double dutch with her friends. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Smith drive down the street.

Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff play fight in the photograph.

Rating: 5/5

Will Smith throws a three-pointer in the basket on the basketball court. DJ Jazzy Jeff calls the game. One of their friends say they are going to meet their girlfriends. A second friend asks them if they are going to a graduation party at the park. Smith and Jeff nod and they say were invited, too. The second friend says he’ll see them there.

Smith hugs his friend’s grandma and tells her she looks nice. His friend’s grandma tells him he’s a goof and asks if he’s seeing anyone. Smith shrugs and says he and his girlfriend just broke up. His friend’s grandma says he’ll find someone and there are plenty of girls who like them. She points to the point and tells him to put more on his plate. He puts on some coleslaw and says he’ll come back for seconds.

Smith sits next to DJ Jazzy Jeff and eats his hot dog. DJ Jazzy Jeff says his crush is here without her boyfriend. Smith says he heard they broke up. Jeff tells him to hold his plate. He’s going to talk to her. Smith sets Jeff’s plate down and eats some coleslaw. His crush says she’s glad to see him. She sits next to him and says she got into Spelman College. He congratulates her. She says she’s nervous about it, though. He tells her she’ll do awesome. She asks him to dance. He puts down his plate and dances with her. As he spins her, his friend’s grandma gives him the thumbs up. He laughs and she asks him, “what?” He smiles and says their friend’s grandma is a riot.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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