Video Review: Christina Perri “The Words”

A young man drives to his house. In the back of his pick-up truck, he uncovers wooden crates and takes them into the house. Christina Perri watches him from the steps. She stands next to him as he arranges the flowers in the wooden crates.

He takes his axe in the backyard and chops some wood. Seeing the trains, he carries his axe and watches them. Wearing a coat, Perri continues to watch him from a distance. During dinner, he dips some bread in his soup and reads a book. He takes off his shirt and gets in the bath. Perri sticks her feet in the bath. While in bed, he continues to read his book before he goes to sleep.

He takes one of his wooden crates with flowers and carries it to his car. As he drives, Perri sits next to him. It rains while he drives over the bridge. She smiles at him as he carries his flowers inside to the florist. She leans against his car, waiting for him. He shakes her hand and gives her a flower.

Rating: 5/5

Christina Perri talks with a florist and says her order will be there within the day. She writes it down and informs the young man they have a delivery tomorrow. The young man kisses her and says she’s a godsend. She says his orders are up this month. He puts his arms around her and says it’s all due to his new business associate. She grins and says she has to go to a dental appointment. He says he’ll be late. There’s a last-minute delivery on the list. She tells him she loves him. He hugs her and says he loves her, too.

The dental hygienist  asks her about the young man. She tells the dental hygienist that they’ve been seeing each other for about two years. She helps him with his business and basically works full-time for him. The dental hygienist exclaims “wow!” She adds that they’ve been talking about marriage. The dental hygienist says she’s so happy for her. She says she’s glad she met him.

Upon first meeting him, she wanted to build his confidence. He seemed uncertain that she’d even want to talk to him. However, she asked him out and he told her he’d seen her before. But he had hesitated. She had told him she just knew. He tells her he’s grateful that she gave him a chance. She says she would’ve regretted it.

Director: iouri Philippe Paille Year: 2015

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