Video Review: Jason Derulo & Jawsh 685 “Savage Love”

In a triple screen, Jason Derulo pours himself a drink and says that he “needs some of this tonight. Woo!” Lit in midnight blue, he walks around shirtless by the couch. He drinks shots between takes. Lit in carmine red, he walks down the hallway with his dog.

Back in midnight blue, he sits on the couch. Shirtless, he paces around the studio. He pets his dog as he sits on the couch. Shirtless, he leans against the sound board after drinking. Wearing a tie-dyed sweatshirt, he dances with a liquor bottle.

Rating: 2/5

Jason Derulo wakes up on the couch and groans. His friend says it was an awesome night. Derulo puts his hand on his forehead and cringes. His friend says he’ll get him some aspirin and water. Derulo lies down in the backseat of the car and moans. His friend says they’ll get him home right away.

Derulo vomits by a bush as his friend helps him walk to his porch. Derulo apologizes and says he didn’t mean it. His friend says he’s going to stay over. Derulo covers his eyes and tells him the light his hurting his eyes. His friend closes the blinds and curtains.

After sleeping for a few hours, Derulo makes himself some tea and eats some crackers. He reads his text messages form the producer and said it was some of his best takes. Derulo types back “thanks” and scratches his head. He walks to the sink and splashes water on his face. It made him feel a bit better. His dog runs up to him and he pets his head. His dog cuddles up to him as he leans against the kitchen cabinet and dozes off.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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