Video Review: Breland “My Truck”

A twentysomething white man sits in the back of a pick-up truck, wearing a cowboy hat and jeans. He stands in the field and starts to rap. Breland, a Black man, pushes him out of the way and dances in front of several semi-trucks.

As one of his friends rides a pick-up, Breland hangs his head out of the window. He stands next to the pick-up truck. A quick burst of flames hover by the back end of the truck. In the parking lot, two young women lean against his truck as he stands in the center.

He stands on a pile of wood on the back of the semi, as it drives on the road. After the sun sets, he and his friends drive on the road. He hangs outside the window, his arms out, in silhouette.

Rating: 4/5

Breland slides from underneath the car at the auto repair shop. As he gets up, he sees a semi drive down the road. Tapping the wrench against his hand, he thinks he’ll be out there soon. However, he just has to pass his CDL test first. His co-worker sits next to him during break and smokes. Breland asks him if he’ll take shift next week. He has an exam. His co-worker says it’s not a problem and that he could use the money. Breland says he owe him one.

Breland checks off “c” on the exam. It seemed to be the right answer. There were a couple of variables that could change things. There were about six questions left. He had to get at least three more of them right or he’d fail. He called off the work yesterday to even get in extra study time. He glances at the clock. There was about 20 minutes left. He turns the page and goes over the questions he skipped.

He sits in his car and waits to be called. The doctor asks him how he’s been. He says he just passed his CDL exam and a physical is required before he can actually get it. The doctor congratulates him and starts the screening. The doctor tells him he’s in good shape and says he’ll send the information over. Breland says he’ll see him in another six months for a check-up.

Director: Alex Bittan Year: 2020

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