Video Review: Taylor Dayne “Send Me A Lover”

In black-and-white, a young woman hugs her boyfriend as people walk past them in the park. Against a black background, Taylor Dayne sings into a silver microphone as she sits on a stage. Back in black-and-white, Dayne observes the couples as she walks. A second young woman does a headstand. A thirtysomething couple sit on a bench, their heads touching.

Continuing in black-and-white, a  second young man sniffs a flower. As he walks with his group of friends, he turns and checks her out as she walks by them. A 19-year-old young woman smiles as she sees her boyfriend approach her. He puts his hand on her chin and kisses her. Dayne stares at a second young man as she walks by a chain-link fence The young woman, with her hands on the chain-link fence, watches her boyfriend play basketball with his friends. He gets knocked on the ground. She helps him up and kisses his hand.

Dayne walks with her friends to her job at the lounge and smiles as she talks to the second young man. Back in color, couples cuddle together in the booth and listen to Dayne sing.

Rating: 3/5

Taylor Dayne sits on the bench at the park, her head down. A young woman and her boyfriend ask if they can sit next to her. She moves down and replies, “sure.” As they sit next to her, they talk about going to a concert later and kiss each other. She gets up and walks. A young man catches her eye and she smiles at him. However, he seems to be focused on another woman by the garden.

She takes off her cardigan and puts it on the chair as she walks inside her home. In the kitchen, she opens a container of leftovers and reheats it in the microwave. She stands over the sink and eats it. Her phone rings and she finishes chewing. She answers it and it’s a telemarketer. For a week, she’s been waiting for the young man to call. He probably wasn’t even interested. She puts her hands on her face and sighs. At this rate, she was going to be single forever.

While reading the newspaper, she reads the personals and circles a few of them. She’d like to talk to them. Her mom told her she had to try to the personals and encouraged her to place an ad. However, she couldn’t get herself to do it. She had her ad written but hadn’t bothered to send it. What if no one called her?  The silence would be horrible. There was a flyer on her refrigerator for a singles mixer tomorrow. She hangs out her favorite dress. Maybe she’d meet someone there.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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