Video Review: Jade “I Wanna Love You”

Di, Joi, and Tonya, wearing black outfits with matching masks, break into a home. A young man tells his friend, “peep this out!” as they watch television. Joi takes a diamond from under a glass dome. A second young man pats his friend on the arm and tells him to “check this out!” as he watches television. Di steals a necklace. The second young man grabs a bowl of popcorn. The young man exclaims “girls!”

At home, they high-five one another. They dance on the sidewalk with their boyfriends. Back at home, Tonya holds some money in her hand. Wearing black outfits, they dance on stage. They drive motorcycles in the alley. In black-and-white, they hang onto a fence. Back at home, they drink wine as they dance in the family room. The young men bob their heads as they listen. Di, Joi and Tonya toast one another in the family room. A ring falls in the glass.

Rating: 2/5

The young man says he thinks Di is the one is going to talk them out of trouble. The second young man says they’ve been flashing their jewelry too much and are going to get caught. The third young man says their boyfriends have been taking advantage. They watch as the boyfriends start to suspect them and give each other high-fives.

Di takes off her earrings in the dressing room. Tonya says she thinks they got them another job. Joi says she hopes it’s some more video work. Tonya says it’s a commercial. Di cringes and says it’s just a job. Joi says they can take it and pay the bills.

The young man points to the screen and says Jade are advertising shampoo. The second young man says it’s indeed them. The third young man says he hopes the television show is coming back. The young man says he heard they have a minor part in a movie. The second young man says they have to get tickets for it.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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