Video Review: Wallows & Clairo “Are You Bored Yet?”

A golden disco ball spins at a low-lit bar. A young man (Dylan Minnette) talks with his friends. Braeden and Cole at the table. Braeden encourages go to on stage. The young man walks on stage and chooses a song. He takes out the microphone and starts to sing.

While he sings, he sees a sixtysomething woman sing along. A sixtysomething man drinks as he sits in the one of the back tables. He pauses as he watches people sing alone and scratches his head with the microphone. The bartender (Noah Centineo) stirs a drink at the counter while he sings along. A young woman (Kaitlyn Dever) stares him at him while she holds her drink.

The young man blinks and realizes his clothes have changed. The sixtysomething man plays pool. A blender spills milk on a table. The group of people crowd him as he sings. The bartender faints. He rubs his eyes. The disco ball drops and breaks on the floor. Braeden puts his hand on his shoulder and tells him to get up there. He walks up stage again.

Rating: 3/5

The young man reads an art magazine on his phone while his friends joke about the person who sang. His friend asks him about his crush. He says he doesn’t have time and that he’s working on his craft. Braeden tells him he signed him up to sing next. The young man’s eye widen and he exclaims, “No!” Braeden shrugs and tells he needs to think of a song fast.

The young man’s face flushes and his palms sweat. Cole tells him to calm down and that it’ll be okay. He says he can’t do it and that it’ll be horrible. Braeden says they’ll join him if it’s get too bad. He hears his name and sighs. While on stage, he scrolls for the song and starts to sing. People sway in their seats and sing along with him. He continues to sing, waiting for his friends to help him. However, they stay in their seats.

It seems as though he was hypnotizing everyone in the room. He watches the bartender faint and stops. The people continue to sing and gather around him. He hunches over and tries to keep his head down. If there was any sudden movement, they might hurt him. The song ends and he puts his microphone down slowly on the stage. The people walk back to their seats.

Director: Drew Kirsch Year: 2019

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