Video Review: Brownstone “I Can’t Tell You Why”

Lit in maya blue, a young man walks on the sidewalk. He leans against a building, his eyes closed. At night, Maxee, Nicci and Kina sing together at a microphone outside. Two young men stand at a table and nod. They sit on chairs against a white background.

They sit on a white table. Behind them, the charcoal wall has the lyrics written in sea foam green. He walks on some grass and stops at a powder blue painted fence. He drives his car and looks to the left. He sits in his parked car, looking up at the ceiling.

Rating: 3.5/5

Nicci reads the note from her boyfriend on the table. She turns it over and gets something out for dinner. He had gone out for a drive. The drives had become common lately. However, she was grateful for some communication. At first, he’d just leave without a word and she’d pace around the house, waiting for him. She had broken out in tears as he opened the door one afternoon. During the week, he had written a note. He still somewhat cared. Their relationship wasn’t a total loss.

She calls up her best friend as she eats dinner. Her best friend says she’s coming over. Nicci tells her it’s okay and she’s used to it. But she wished she knew where he was. The possibility that he was meeting someone else or going out on dates had crossed her mind. She didn’t want to think about it too much, though.

He walks in the door, his face drawn and she tells her best friend she has to go. He asks her if there are any leftovers. She says she put some on a plate for him. He nods and walks into the kitchen. After he heats up his meal, he sits next to her on the couch. She switches the channel. He tells her to go back to the last one. She sighs and says he should’ve said something. He shakes his head and says he thought she was watching it. She shuts it off and gives him the remote. He exclaims “what?” as she gets up. She says she’s going to read and she’ll see him in bed. He turns the television back on and laughs at the joke on the sitcom.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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