Video Review: Parker McCollum “Pretty Heart”

In New York City, New York, Parker McCollum stands on the rooftop of his apartment building and views the skyline. A young woman, wearing an oversized black-and-white sweater, smiles as she lies on the bed. She holds onto his arm as they walk in the city.

In their apartment, he gets his camera and takes pictures of her as she sits on the couch. She blows a kiss and covers her face. He walks on the rooftop. She laughs as he hands her the camera. He sits on the couch and she takes pictures of him. They cuddle on the couch and look through the photos.

At night, he sits on the bed and writes in his notebook. He sips his drink. Lying back in bed, he puts his hands on his face. Hands in his pocket, he walks by himself on the sidewalk. She stares off into the distance as he kisses his hair while they stand on the rooftop at night. They dance.

In the evening, she gets her suitcase and packs her clothes. She wheels it out of the apartment and waits for a cab. He plays the guitar on his bed. She cries as she sits in the back of the cab. He continues to stand on the rooftop.

Rating: 3/5

Parker McCollum saves one stuffed animal and puts it on his dresser. It was his now ex-girlfriend’s favorite and the first one he gave her. She had left almost all the stuffed animals he gave her for every Christmas and birthday. Although she tried to hint to him the type of things she liked, he still got her a stuffed teddy bear.

He searches the room and finds a t-shirt of his she often wore and smells it. It still had her scent on it. He folds it and puts it in the drawer. She was a sweet and kind person who trusted him. It hadn’t occurred him that she was upset about anything. She had been quieter than usual. He had asked her what was wrong. She had shrugged and said nothing. He didn’t even bother to question it.

His mom was disappointed. She was hoping they would get married. However, he had been looking for a way out since she moved into his apartment. He figured she’d always be there or try to call. However, it’s been almost three months and she hasn’t even texted him back about some of the stuff she left behind. He finds some trinkets of hers and puts it in a box. She might want it later.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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