Video Review: Jill Scott “A Long Walk”

In black-and-white, a young man crosses the street in the city and walks to pick up Jill Scott at her friend’s home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She laughs with her friends and smiles once she sees him. Her friends’ jaw drops. He takes her hand and she says goodbye to her friends.

She waves to her neighbors, who appear in color. A fortysomething man walks through them and they exchange confused glances. Her outfit appears in color while a group of children run on the sidewalk. He picks her a red flower. She kisses him and places it in her hair. They stand at a mural. Some young men nod at Scott’s boyfriend.

Scott holds out her hand and they stop at Smokey Lee’s Side Walk Cafe. At the park, a group of children talk on the their bicycles. She walks on top of the slide and the metal bridge. They pass the ice cream vendor and she runs her hand along the fence. They hold hands as they walk on the basketball court. She says hello to one of her friends. Laughing, she pretends she’s going to jump rope and continues to walk with him. They kiss.

Rating: 5/5

Jill Scott offers the bowl of popcorn to her boyfriend during the movie. He puts his hand in and takes some. She bursts out laughing and snorts. He gazes at her and smiles. She covers her mouth and blushes. As they walk out of the movie, he says she really enjoyed it. She tells him she’s hardly ever laughs that hard. He says he has to remember that she likes comedies.

He asks her if she’d like take a drive by the lake. She says that would be nice. As they drive by the lake, they share stories about growing up in Philadelphia. He actually knew several of her cousins. She and her friends used to play at the park all the time after school. He’d play basketball with his friends there on the weekend. She says they may have run into each other at some point. He moved away in high school and landed in jail. She tells him all that matters is now.

She smooths her dress and takes some papers off the kitchen table. The doorbell rings and she lets her boyfriend inside. He takes off his jacket and tells her she has a great place. She gives him a tour and shows him her bedroom. He kisses her and tells her they don’t have to do anything tonight. She says wants him to stay over. He says he’s going to go to his car and get his stuff. She tells him she already made some space for him in the bathroom.

Director: Jessy Terrero Year: 2001

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