Video Review: Topic & A7S “Breaking Me”

Topic stands on the rooftop of a building in Germany. A young woman, with her jacket down to her shoulders, dances in the street. She moves her arms back and forth in a parking structure. Back on the street, she waves her finger as she dances by an orange tree in the plaza.

She dances on a neon pink floor. With her hood covering her hood, she continues to dance by a restaurant. Her lips turn a bright magenta as she sings against a black background. As she dances in the parking structure, she forms a heart with her hands. She reaches for the flourscent light. She walks up the stairs to her apartment. Her arms on hte railing of the balcony, she looks at the city.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman dances to an up and coming indie band at West Germany. Her best friend tells her they are awesome. The young woman says they have to go backstage to meet them. Backstage, she introduces the band members to her best friend. The lead singer asks her to join them on tour. She says she might go to their Paris show. The lead singer puts a hand to his heart and says he’s breaking it.

She sits in at a table at Man Versus Machine and drinks her coffee. A young man compliments her on her outfit. She tells him thank you. She flips through a fashion magazine and hails a cab. As she sits in the back of the cab, she moves her toes up and down.

Several of her friends greet her at the dance studio and tell her they are going to put the list up soon. She puts her coffee down and warms up next them. While they stretch, she says she’s prepared to be in the chorus. Her friends shake their heads and tell her she’s being modest. She says she really wants the solo part. One of her friends says  she’s going to get it. The receptionist hangs the list up on the wall. She stays behind as her friends check. One of her friends wave her over, smiling. She reads the list and sees she received the starring role. She grins and hugs her friend.

Director: Daniel Priess Year: 2020

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