Video Review: Becky Hill & Sigala “Heaven On My Mind”

Lit in neon candy red, Becky Hill opens her eyes and sits up in bed. Wearing a charcoal crop top and white skirt, she sings while clouds roll by on a screen behind her. Back in bed, she sees a young woman with angel wings stand next to her.  Eagles fly on the screen as she sings. An eye opens. People dance around her bed. A door opens as the second young woman stands by it. Hill walks over to her and they walk into the sunshine yellow light.

The eye opens again. Hill, wearing angel wings, dances with the people who were in bedroom at a club. Her wings flap on the screen. She stands in the club, smiling. Back in bed, she opens her eyes.

Rating: 3/5

Becky Hill watches as the people dance around her bed. They were mostly strangers. However, she sees her cousin and freezes. She glances at the young woman, wearing angel wings, who leaves her expression blank. She wanted to know the who, why and talk with her cousin. However, she knew she had to wait.

The people disappear and she follows the angel without question to the door. She shielded her eyes but realized it no longer bothered her. She smiled and took the angel’s hand. The angel nods and they jump. There was no fear. She spread out her arms as she flew, closing her eyes. The angel told her it was okay to open her eyes. As she opens her eyes, she sees the clouds and skyscrapers below. However, it wasn’t New York City or Tokyo. It was someplace new, a place she’d never seen in movies.

Wearing her angel wings, Hill dances in the club and reunites with her cousin. Her cousin says he didn’t expect to meet her for a very long time. She asks him if he’d seen her grandparents. Her cousin says sometimes people don’t stick around long. By the time he got there, her grandpa was nowhere to be found. She says she’s going to get a drink. He asks her if she got her assignment yet. She puts down her shot and says she’s meeting with her guide tomorrow about it. He tells her to not be afraid of it. It’s a challenge and not to be supposed to solved within a day or two. It could take years. She asks what his assignment is. He says his job is to watch over a political leader. However, he’s been struggling lately and may have to go back to Earth to intervene. She asks him if that happens often. He says it’s only in extreme circumstances. She says she wants to go back to Earth soon. He tells her she’ll like it here and not to be in a rush. She sits next to him and says she misses her life. He says she’ll appreciate her new one but she has to give it time.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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