Video Review: Rome “I Belong To You”

A bouncer lets young women walk into Club Rome. As stated on the screen, it’s for “ladies only.” A young woman smirks as she sits in the back of the limousine. The bouncer turns away a group of young men. She walks in line and a second young woman runs her Rome’s card through. She thanks her and and finds a seat at a table.

Rome performs on a stage.

A third young woman snaps her fingers as she sits at a table. Rome sits in a corner booth. As he sings, he points to a fourth young woman as she walks past him. The second young woman runs her finger under her lips. While he plays pool, she comes up behind him and kisses him. They sleep together on the pool table. Back at the club, she sings along with him.

He sits behind the shelves of wine bottles. A server hands the a fifth young woman a box of cigars. She takes one and lights it up. She kisses him in the kitchen. A dish falls on the floor as she pushes him against the counter. Back on stage,  he kisses a sixth young woman’s hand.

Rating: 2.5/5

The second young woman walks up to Rome after he performs and puts her arms around him. She says he’s such a great performer and kisses him. Rome nods and invites the fourth young woman up on stage with him. The second young woman crosses her arms and shakes her head.

The fourth young woman links her arm with his and they walk off stage together. The second young woman glares at them as she walks back to her table. The fourth young woman smirks at her as they pass by her. The second young woman knew Rome had other lovers. However, she was the favorite. She was the first chosen after every performance. The songs were dedicated to her. She was the girlfriend. The other young women were fortunate to steal some time with him.

The second young woman gestures for the server to come over. She says she’d like a glass of champagne and displays her Rome’s card. The server replies that she’ll have it for her. The second young woman rushes into the kitchen and sees the Rome with the fourth young woman. The server clears her throat and Rome says they have to stop. Rome buttons his shirt and asks her if she needs any help. The server says the second young woman is demanding time with him. Rome kisses her on the cheek and says he’ll go over and entertain her table. The server says she’ll share some of her tips with him. Rome says he’ll talk to the manager about the second young woman and take care of it. The fourth young woman avoids her as she walks out of the kitchen.

Director: Chris Erskin Year: 1997

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