Video Review: Five Star “Let Me Be The One”

A part of the screen scrambles after the introduction of Doris, Lorraine, Stedman, Delroy and Denise. As Denise sings, Delroy and Lorraine blur against the silver background. While they dance, the screen cuts up. Denise is featured out of frame as she dances. A shred of silver shows her face as she sings in the corner. A saxophone spins in the middle. They continue to dance against the silver background.

Rating: 2/5

Denise Pearson moves the mouse as chooses on an option as she plays the Oregon Trail. Lorraine sits next to her and says she hopes it was the right one. Delroy walks up and tells them they should be okay. Denise asks him what he’s working on. Delroy says he’s learning how to create a program. Stedman calls them over and says he found a keyboard application on the computer.

Stedman plays a few keys and they say it’s a good melody. He clicks on the menu and says he was able to save it. Lorraine says they have to have their dad come over and listen. Delroy finds a floppy disk and says he should put it on there. Stedman saves it again and says the producer will be able to hear it.

At the studio, Stedman shows the producer the floppy disk. The producer puts in the computer and listens. He says it’s something they can work with. Denise taps her foot and tells them she’s going to tell their driver to take her to the mall. Lorraine says they’ll be back later. Delroy says he has a date. Denise and Lorraine smile at one another. Delroy says it’s sort of serious. Denise says they’ll believe it once they meet her. Lorraine adds, “which never happens.” Denise tells everyone goodbye as she walks out of the studio. Lorraine says they weren’t scheduled to work and she wasn’t going to stay. Denise nods and says that’s more Stedman’s thing.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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