Video Review: Tim McGraw “I Called Mama”

Tim McGraw sits on a chair in his home. On his laptop, he says “hey guys!” A fortysomething woman asks, “is that Tim McGraw?” as her 16-year-old daughter smiles at her. McGraw answers “yes. How are you?” Two twentysomething male twins say hello to their mom on the phone.

A flag waves in an empty park. A young man lights a candle by a framed photo of his mom. A crying twentysomething man holds up a photo of him with his mom and kisses it. A thirtysomething woman holds her newborn in her hospital bed. A grandmother stands on her lawn and and waves to her grandchildren. who stay six feet apart on the sidewalk. In a photograph, McGraw hugs his mom.

A sixtysomething woman claps as she sees her fortysomething son walk her into her house with flowers. A fiftysomething woman hugs her daughter, who just returned home from the military. On video, McGraw’s mom holds him as an infant. A young woman, wearing scrubs, blows a kiss to her mom as she talks to her during a video call. In a quadruple screen, four women, of various ages, blow out their birthday candles while with their families.

A fortysomething mom paraglides with her son. A 5-year-old boy sprays his mom with the hose after she closes the car door. In a photograph, McGraw hugs his wife, Faith Hill on the football field. A second twentysomething woman holds a framed photo of her mother on her wedding day. A third twentysomething mom cries as she holds her newborn. Her mom cries as she stands on the other side of the door. He films Hill as she taps her hands on the kitchen table as their daughter looks on. A second fortysomething woman stands in the field with her two daughters. In home video, McGraw’s mom holds him as they stand outside on a fall day.

Rating: 3/5

The second twentysomething woman dances with her father during her wedding reception. Her father tells her her mom would be proud of her. She says she wishes her mom was here and that she’d like her husband. Her father tells her her mom’s here, smiling at her from heaven. She hugs her dad as the song ends.

The fortysomething woman asks her son if she has the harness on correctly. Her son says somebody will come by to check. The fortysomething woman pats her harness and takes her son’s hand. She says she’s really nervous. He says he’s scared, too. Their teacher assures them he’s available to them at anytime and says they can go when they are ready. They sit for about five minutes and look at one another. His mom tells their teacher to let them go. While they fly in the air, his mom spread out her arms and shouts it’s amazing. He tries not to look down.

The grandma tells her grandchildren that she has missed them so much as she stands on the lawn. Her youngest grandson shows him a picture he made. She tells him it’s wonderful. He puts in her mailbox. She says she’s going to hang it up on her refrigerator. Her granddaughter says she got all “A’s” on her report card. Her second grandson says mom wants to know if she needs any hand towel paper. She nods and tells her grandson that yes, she could use some. Her second grandson types on the phone and says his mom picked up some for her. She watches them as they draw on the sidewalk and gets her camera.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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