Video Review: B Young “Catch Me Outside”

B Young leans forward as he sits on a chair in the family room. He glances out the window. Leaning against the kitchen sink, he looks into the backyard. He sits on top of the stairs. Photographs of his girlfriend lie on the kitchen table next to ashtray full of cigarettes.

He stands in the parking lot. Opening up his garage, he gets into his car and drives. As the sun sets, he stares at the pavement in the parking lot.

Rating: 4/5

B Young closes the book and puts it on the table. He couldn’t get past the first page. The main female character reminded him of his ex-girlfriend. He sits in his chair and thinks. She was still on his social media. He could message her. But he thought she might block him instead of responding and he didn’t want to take that risk.

He scrapes the fries off his plate and turns on the garbage disposal. She knew how to season them just right. His fries turned out dry and tasteless. Nothing was the same around the home. He notices a chip in the molding and asks for recommendations online. He had gotten to know someone through his ex-girlfriend. However, he wasn’t going to ask.

While he drives, he rolls down the windows and keeps them halfway out of habit. His ex-girlfriend said it was gust of air blasting into her ear. He taps his hand against the arm rest as he listens to the music. Turning to the side, he laughs and realizes no one was sitting next to him. He pulls into a park and stands in the lot. Her house wasn’t too far away. Staring at the ground, he couldn’t bear to think of what she was doing without him.

Director: TheDirectorAli Year: 2020

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