Video Review: Shawn Colvin “Sunny Came Home”

A bird swings inside its cage. Wearing a red mesh dress and fishnets on her arms, she watches a movie play in the dark. She sleeps in the bed. Wearing a wedding dress, she runs by her house. A red, sheer curtain covers the cage while her head is in line with it.

As she sleeps in bed, a fire burns and she disappears within it. She plays the guitar in her home while large fans turn. She throws her head back as she swings in her home. While in her wedding dress, she cuts it up. She points her guitar like a gun. She puts her hands on her cheeks as she sits in her home.

Rating: 2.5/5

Shawn Colvin finishes putting the dishes away and tells her husband that she’s tired. Her husband laughs at a joke on the sitcom and asks her, “what did you say?” She says it was nothing. Their 10-year-old daughter says her 8-year-old sister keeps pinching her. Colvin tells her 8-year-old to stop it. Her husband turns his head and echoes, “stop it!”

Her 8-year-old daughter asks her to play a game with her. Colvin glances at the clock and says not for too long and that she has to go to bed soon. As they play, she sees her husband dozing off on the couch. She taps his knee. He jerks awake, saying, “what?” She asks him to check on their oldest daughter. He gets up and knocks her on her bedroom door, telling her it’s time for bed. Their daughter calls out that she’s waiting for her mom. Her husband walks back and shrugs. She says she’ll go and take her turn in the game.

Her husband kisses her goodnight and says he loves her. She says she’ll be in bed in a minute. After he closes the bedroom door, she looks at the credit card statement. The customer service representative verified the room and purchase of the drinks. The customer service representative apologized. She had hung up the phone. It was true. He wasn’t even bothering to hide it. There was one thing left to do: destroy him.

She called up her mom and asked her to take care of their kids. Her mom said they’d love take care of the kids. She stops at the gas station on the way home from work and fills the container. The desk clerk confirms the hotel reservation with her on the pay phone. She drives to the hotel and sees her husband’s car in the lot. Taking the gas container out of the car, she stands in the back and lights a cigarette. She drops it on the ground and walks away.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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