Video Review: Dua Lipa “Hallucinate”

An animated Dua Lipa inhales the stars in the sky. Dancers with heart-shaped heads accompany her as she performs on stage. Robots bob their heads as she walks down the runway. A man, with a heart-shaped head, hands her a sunflower. She smells it and a rainbow of colors spiral within her eyes.

Multiple rainbow-outlined doors open in the sky. She walks down a hallway with hands reaching for her. Her image duplicates. In the hallway, eggplants, oranges and cats dance with her. She spins on a charcoal platform while her star-headed dancers perform on the outside ring. Two Lipas ride unicorns. Unicorns dance within the spiral.

She dances on a checkered floor while an eggplant and a pot of honey dance in rainbow hallways. As she walks, little male suns bursts while she multiplies into various multi-colored silhouettes. A male heart drinks some potion within a painting. She draws a magenta heart with her fingers. Multiple bottles of potion pour their liquid while suns fly underneath. Lipa’s head appear in the center of a pyramid. Bumblebees and red hearts fly on the outside while the cats dance on the edges.

She lands in sunflowers and drops into a black abyss. A giant clown gives her a manic grin. She watches as his face turns into a skull. The skull bites at her and she flies towards a heart. Breaking through the skull, she shoots out of it it, her body navy blue. On top of Earth, which glitters like a disco ball, she dances. The dolphins fly with her in space. She opens her eyes and smirks.

Rating: 5/5

Dua Lipa rides the unicorn and makes a wish. A star appears and tells her she’s here for her. Lipa puts to her finger to her lips and says she’d like the moon to turn into a disco ball at night. The star turns towards to the sky, transforms it to night. In the night, the moon shimmers. Lipa jumps off the unicorn and dances. The unicorn offers her his hoof and they dance together. The unicorn bows to her and she rubs the top of its head.

She flies with the dolphins and dives into the ocean. In her home underwater, she cooks dinner and invites over a shark. The shark nuzzles her and she kisses it. She gives him a vegetarian. He scoffs at it but she reminds him he needs a healthy diet if he’d like to become a new animal.

A red heart flies over her head as she walks in the castle. She smiles to herself. Love was truly near. A young man bumps into her and the red heart tells them it’s fate. They say goodbye to the red heart. The young man says he’d thought he’d never see the red heart. She says it was bouncing by her house and she couldn’t contain her excitement. He introduces himself. She faints and he calls the red heart. The red heart informs him it’s a tragic end to their romance and revives her. He sighs with relief as she wakes up. She tells she had a strange dream. He helps her up and says he can tell her about it during their walk.

Director: Lisha Tan Year: 2020

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