Video Review: Tevin Campbell “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do”

Tevin Campbell stands in the family room of his home. He walks by his car in the driveway and touches the headlight. Stretching out in the chair, he throws his head back. He stands by the kitchen table. As he sits down, he puts his hands on his face. He leans against the wall and looks out the window.

In an empty room, he dances by a television on the floor. He continues sit in the chair.

Rating: 3/5

Tevin Campbell brakes as he drives with his dad. His dad tells him it’s okay to turn right. Campbell turns and puts his foot on the gas pedal. His dad leans over and says for him to slow down. He stops at the light. His dad asks him how things are going with his crush. Campbell shakes his head and says he doesn’t know. He puts his foot on the pedal again and his father tells him they are going home. Campbell sighs and says he’s never going to learn how to drive. His father says he has to get his emotions under control first. No girl is worth getting into an accident.

Campbell opens the refrigerator. His mom tells him a girl called for him. His eyes widen. Campbell asks for the name. She says it was Shanna, Shannon, maybe. He grins and says he’s going to call her right now. As he talks to Shanna, he says he’ll take her to school once he gets his license. Shanna says one of her friends gives her a ride. Campbell bites his lip. It was her sort-of boyfriend, who always around and she insisted she didn’t like.

At school, she gives Campbell a kiss on the cheek. His book falls to the floor. She picks it up and says she didn’t mean to shock him. Campbell he says it’s fine and wants to know if her sort-of boyfriend is okay with it. He didn’t want any trouble. Shanna scoffs and says he doesn’t care. In his fourth period class, her sort-of boyfriend stares him down.

He waits for her at her locker. She asks him why he’s there. He says he wanted to know if she wanted to hang out. She says she can’t and that she’s spending time with her sort-of boyfriend. He says he’s gets it and walks away, covering his face with his hand.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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