Video Review: Danity Kane “Ride For You”

Aundrea opens the door of her mansion and leaves her gated community. A young man checks her out as she walks on the sidewalk. Wearing boots and a sweater, she walks on the road. Aubrey joins her on her walk. Aubrey dances on the leaves in the road.

Dawn holds an umbrella while Aubrey and Aundrea walk with her as it rains during their walk. Dawn stands under an awning and reaches out with her hands as it rains. It snows as they walk past the stores. A candy cane decoration shines as a couple leaves a store with a gift. Shannon and D. join them. Wearing sundresses, they continue to walk on a spring day. They meet their boyfriends and hug them.

Aundrea stands in the driveway of her mansion. Aubrey stands in the road, wind blowing her hair. Dawn stands by the building. Shannon smiles as snowflakes fall. D. stands by a tree.

Rating: 4/5

Aundrea clicks her tongue as her shopping assistant at the clothing store shows her several items. The shopping assistant apologizes and says she’ll return with clothes better suited for her taste. She taps her foot. Aubrey crosses her arms and shakes her head. She says service leaves something to desired and snaps her fingers for coffee. Aundrea says she knows what she wants. Aubrey says that’s what they are paying them for and says it’s the only way for things to get done. They sit and drink coffee while they try on clothes. Aundrea says it was great talking to her. Aubrey gives her her phone number.

Dawn talks about the art show she attended as they eat brunch. Aubrey says if she saw any decent pieces. Dawn says she expects the artist to take off. Aubrey says they’ll have to stop by there on the way home. Aundrea says the artists is such a jerk. Dawn says he’s known for his one-night stands. Aundrea says but she wanted to be his muse.

D. and Shannon greet Dawn, Aundrea and Aubrey at the Christmas event in the city. D. takes a photo of them and says it’ll be published in the society page. Aundrea says she meet a sweet guy who works on Wall Street. Shannon exclaims that they are wearing her designs. Aubrey told her they wanted to support her friend. Dawn said she had a great article in Elle. Shannon says she was so stressed about it. D. says she emailed them some photos and was so excited to see them. Shannon says she’s been getting calls to work at fashion houses. Aubrey checks her phone and says they should find their boyfriends. Aundrea says they’ll like her new boyfriend. Aubrey says she’s been waiting for a ring. Dawn says she’s fine just dating right now. D. says her boyfriend won’t stop talking about marriage. Shannon waves to her boyfriend and says they must get together about her wedding in the fall.

Director: Marcus Raboy Year: 2006

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