Video Review: Disclosure, Aminé, & slowthai “My High”

A car brakes quickly. A young man is wheeled into the operating room. A nurse puts a mask on him. The doctor calls out his vitals. An orderly waves to him and leaves him at the emergency entrance while he smokes. The young man takes off his mask and turns to the orderly. The orderly smiles and shows him his cigarette. A fortysomething woman says goodbye to the orderly and runs off with the young man.

She pats his cheek as she runs in the parking structure. Aminé sits with him in a parking lot. Three young men take him from the thirtysomething woman. She chases them around the structure. The three young men leap over him with their skateboards. A 10-year-old girl gives him a spoonful of spinach as he turns on the gurney at the dinner table. The 8-year-old boy rides on top of him as the 10-year-old girl pulls him through the street. A twentysomething woman laughs as she pushes him across the street.

Slowthai stands on top of him as he tries to get out of the gurney. A second thirtysomething woman uses him as a shopping cart in the grocery store. A group of twentysomething man take him inside a house for a party. A couple makes out on top of him. A second twentysomething man steps on his hand in the morning as he lies on the ground.

A 16-year-old young woman places some corn in his mouth. A 15-year-old boy hits with him a bat. At night, he rolls back by himself to the hospital. He asks for help as he tries to get up. Another car hits him.

Rating: 2/5

The young man holds onto the nurse’s arm and says he doesn’t want the smoking orderly. The nurse asks him to describe the orderly. The nurse walks back to the desk and says that the young man in room 405 got really beat up. Her co-worker tells her the young woman who hit was just in tears and he was screaming when he entered the emergency room. The nurse says she thinks she knows the orderly and think he should get fired. She says she’s talking to a manager.

The manager asks the nurse to repeat the story to her again. The nurse says he has multiple injuries and marks on his body to back up his claims. The manager rubs her hand over her forehead and says they are going to get sued. She asks him if he’s doing okay now. The nurse says he’s nervous but alert. The manager says she’ll have to bring his case up to a meeting with the administration.

The female news reporter tells the young man it’s a miracle he survived. The young man says he thought he was dead after being hit for the second time. However, being on the gurney, he felt vulnerable and nobody thought to help him. Some people gave him drugs and it caused him to get sick. All he wanted to do was to get better. The female news reporter an investigation is currently ongoing at the hospital.

Director: Simon Cahn Year: 2020

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