Video Review: 6lack & Lil Baby “Know My Rights”

Police inspect 6lack’s jet. A police officer and his dog sniff the luggage. He raps on the runway. Lit in royal blue, he sits with his friends, wearing a face mask, as they sit in a club. He stands in a narrow hallway, decorated with newspaper and lights a cigarette.

In the studio, he sits at the computer. At night, he stands in a lot of cars. He stands in the center while two cars drive around him in a circle. Some cars do donuts in the lot. 6lack watches a police car drive by as he stands on the corner.

Rating: 3.5/5

6lack reads up on the new mask ordinances online. Although the bars and restaurants recently opened, he didn’t want any questions. He hands out a mask to one of his friends. 6lack sticks to the speeding limit as he drives on the road. One of his friends comment a police officer is behind them. 6lack turns right and tells his friends they might be a little late. His friends nod and says it’s fine for them.

They wear their masks as they sit in the bar and talk. As the bar starts to fill up, he and his friends leave. He and his friends hang out a parking lot. They spin and do donuts. A security guard approaches them. His friends stay back, their hands raised. The security guard says the building closed about an hour ago. 6lack glances at the security hand’s hand and notices the gun in his holster. He tells him they will be on their way and walks away. His friends stay in place until 6lack walks up to them. 6lack and his friends get in his car and he drives off.

One of his friends grumble that they rented the cars and had permission. 6lack says he’ll talk to the owner in the morning and get a refund. He says they can rent again. However, it could’ve been their lives. His friend shakes his head. 6lack turns into his neighborhood, his eye on the mirror. A police car drive by with its sirens and speeds off down the street.

Director: JMP Year: 2020


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