Video Review: Aqua “Doctor Jones”

Lene, wearing a rose petal lei around her neck, stands in the forest. A volcano erupts behind her. She gives Doctor Jones (Rene) a rose petal lei and they wave goodbye to one another. She thinks of Rene as she picks of a framed photo in her bedroom. They talk on a ham radio to one another.

Lene, Claus and Soren kayak in the river. Soren points to the land. Claus cuts down branches of the trees in the jungle with his bat. Doctor Jones lies in his tent and thinks of Lene. He talks to his voodoo doll of her and kisses it. She holds off a snake in the jungle and swats a spider. She sees a member of a tribe, wearing a mask, and screams. The tribe ties them up and points their spears at them. The leader of the tribe holds voodoo dolls of Lene and Doctor Jones.

Lene, Soren and Claus sit in a pot. Doctor Jones sleeps in his tent. He wakes up and sees them in the pot. They dance with the members of the tribe.

Rating: 4/5

Lene takes a picture of the artifact she found in the jungle. Claus says the university will be pleased with it. Soren comments says it seems be from the 14th century. She says Doctor Jones will have to study it. Claus says he’ll contact them soon. Lene says it’s unusual for him. He usually checks in with her every day. Claus says they will search for him.

Doctor Jones interviews a member of the tribe and watches one of their dances. He writes in his notebook and checks his watch. In his findings, he noted that the tribe still held onto traditions but were non-violent. Lene and his team should be on their way.

Lene screams out for help as a snake hisses at her. Claus and Soren kill it for her and she says that it was too close. Claus says he saw some land and Doctor Jones might be there. She says it matches his description and gives them a short history of the tribe that supposedly lives within the jungle. Soren raises his eyebrows and says he heard they may be aggressive in other research. Lene says he hopes he’s okay.

The members of the tribe capture them and say they are intruders. Lene explains they are friends of Doctor Jones’ research team and he should be with him. A member of the tribe says Doctor Jones never mentioned any team and says they must die. Lene pleads with them to get Doctor Jones and calls for him to wake up from his nap. Doctor Jones smiles in his sleep as he recognizes the voice of Lene. However, he realizes it sounds really close and wakes up. He explains to the tribe they are his friends and Lene is the love of his life. The leader of the tribe apologizes. Doctor Jones says it’ll be okay with some music. The members of the tribe dance with them in their village.

Director: Peder Pedersen Year: 1997

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