Video Review: AJ Tracey & Mabel “West Ten”

AJ Tracey stands outside the West Ten Food and Wine store at night. People walk past him in a blur. A group of his friends stand with him. Mabel leans against the windowpane as she looks outside. Tracey walks out of the store and sits inside his car with his friend. A cat sits on the hood of his car.

Inside his silver Ladbroke Grove chain, lights flash as he stands. Against a lavender, starry sky, Mabel dances by a satellite on a rooftop. It switches to scarlet light outside the West 10 store. Tracey stands next to Mabel on the rooftop. Mabel dances within the silver Ladbroke Grove chain. Against a black background, he raps into a micrphone while it burns.

Rating: 4/5

AJ Tracey talks with his friends about Mabel as he takes a drink of his beer. He offers it to his friend, who tells him that Mabel’s pretty. Tracey says he’s intimidated by her. She’s sophisticated and he’s just him. He sees her in the apartment building and he tries to talk to her. However, he gets shy. His friend gives him a playful punch on the arm and says he might just ask her out if he doesn’t. Tracey hisses “no” and that he wants to at least try. His second friend shrugs his shoulders and says he may not have much time.

Mabel waits by the door for her groceries. Tracey says hello to her. She says hello and continues to look at her phone. He glances by the door and sees the shopper with several bags. He says he’ll help her. She says that he’s awesome as she opens the door.

He presses the elevator door button and her floor number. She says he hangs out by the West 10 a lot. Tracey nods and says she’s right. She says they have some good, cheap wine there. He says they could share a bottle after dinner one night. She grins and says they could do that on Saturday. Putting down her bag, she types her number in his phone and asks if he wants to hang out for a bit. Tracey says he would and starts unpacking her groceries on the counter.

Director: Oliver Jennings Year: 2020

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