Video Review: Billie Ray Martin “Your Loving Arms (UK Version)”

In black-and-white, Billie Ray Martin sits on her bed. She dances in the garden and frowns as she sits by the brick. A young man approaches her and she puts a hand on her heart as she talks to him. She and the young man dance in the hallway. Leaves fall in the hallway as he walks with flowers.

The young man sits on her bed. She plops herself on a chair. The man screams as he hangs onto the railing of the staircase. She follows him as they walk up the staircase. He dancers with her in the backyard. She puts her hand on her forehead as she sits by her bed.

Rating: 3/5

Two 8-year-old girls scream as Billie Ray Martin walks in her driveway, wearing her black gown. She stares at the clouds and reaches for the clouds. Closing her eyes, she mumbles a spell under her breath. She glares at the sky when she realizes nothing has happened. Her ancestors took her magic away years ago. They believed she was abusing it.

She finds her husband and touches his arm. He calls her “darling” and says they must dance. They always dance. Although she loathed it, she listened to him. He was an unpredictable warlock. While the people in the city irked her, she could handle it. She had to talk him out of the ending the world a few times a week.

She sits by the bed and says she has a fever that has caused her to be weak. He tells her to be well and that he’ll find an infinite cure. She tells him it’ll go away. He’ll know. He’ll know and she doesn’t know what he’ll do. She says she needs some adoration. He puts his arm around her and says she’ll always be his darling. She says she feels much better. He gives her his hand and commands her to dance.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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