Video Review: AJR “Bang!”

Ryan Jack and Adam stand at a craps table in a casino. Eight people wait for them to deal. Under the chandelier, Adam rolls the dice. The people pick up their chips. They nod their heads, with animal masks over their heads. Wearing scrubs and face masks, they shove their chips into the pocket.

Ryan throws the dice. The people sit naked. Jack waves as a wand. The people, dressed as sailors, sway back and forth. They play the trombones and hold umbrellas as the chips fall from the ceiling. Wearing red, they stand blindfolded as Adam, Ryan and Jack steal the chips. Money falls from the ceiling as people stand, their blindfolds removed.

Rating: 1/5

The sixtysomething woman pinches Jack’s cheeks and tells him he’s a handsome man. Adam winks at the thirtysomething young woman. Ryan talks with the twentysomething brunette young woman and gives her tips on how to play craps.

Adam calls out the first roll of dice. The fiftysomething man groans. The sixtysomething woman dances and says Jack is her good luck charm. The twentysomething brunette young woman reads statistics on her phone and states that their chances of winning have gone up. She adds, though, if they are naked. They sit naked at the table. Jack declares the house wins.

Jack waves his wand and chants the winning song. The people’s eyes start to close. Some fall to the floor. Ryan rushes to help the twentysomething brunette young woman. Adam says they have about a two minutes. They put all the chips in their pockets. Ryan says they don’t ever have to work again.

A voice booms in the casino and money falls from the ceiling. The people stay frozen. The brunette twentysomething woman says she doesn’t need money. The sixtysomething woman says it’s fun just to play. Ryan, Adam and Jack check their pockets. The money has disappeared. The voice tells the guests to have a great day. A second group of people stand at the table, looking for them to start the game.

Director: Se Oh Year: 2020

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