Video Review: Real McCoy “Run Away (European Version)”

A young man throws his girlfriend’s dress at her while she sits on the bed. She walks to the bathroom. Patsy stands in the desert, her hands raised. The young man watches his girlfriend smooth out her dress as she changes. She closes the door.

While he drives, she stares at the field. Wearing a white dress, she runs in the field. O-Jay raps in the middle of the dance floor. Lit in a hazy scarlet, The young man’s girlfriend leans against the wall and sees him talking with a second young woman. She walks over to them and shakes her head.

In the bathroom, she bites off her manicured nails. She packs a duffel bag with white dress and runs in the desert. Her head in her knees, she sits in the deserts and waits. He drives into the desert and sees her in a white dress. She sees his car and runs off. He stands in the road and looks for her. She waves down a car on the next road. Patsy stops for her and lets her inside.

As they drive past a gas station, the young man sees her and runs. They find a train station and change into each other’s clothes. He sees Patsy get onto the train and opens the door before it boards. The young woman takes his car and drives away.

Rating: 3/5

Patsy hands the young woman a cup of coffee. The young woman sips it and says she wasn’t sure she’d ever see her again. Patsy sits next to her and says she was worried, too. The young woman says she still sees his face. Patsy says her boyfriend should be in jail. The young woman says he talks his way out of it every single time.

The young woman slings her purse over her shoulder and glances in both directions. She straightens her shoulders and walks into first store. She asks for an application. Back at Patsy’s house, she looks over the applications and groans. Her work history was nearly blank. Her ex-boyfriend didn’t want her to work and she quit the only job she had.

Patsy asks her about the job search. The young woman shrugs and says she hasn’t worked in years. There is no way she’ll get a job. Patsy says she’ll ask some friend of hers. She says she wants to contribute and pay rent. Patsy tells her she can stay as long as she needs to. The young woman says she hopes she’ll be able to start over again. Patsy puts her hand on her shoulder and tells her she already has and that things will work out eventually.

Director: Matt Broadley Year: 1995

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