Video Review: Joel Corry & MNEK “Head & Heart”

In a split screen, both clocks buzz at 6:00 a.m. The young man pulls up the covers and groans (left) while the second version of himself pumps his arms and gets off the bed (right). MNEK folds his hands in prayer against a violet background (left). Corry dances against a teal background (right). The young man struggles to squeeze toothpaste of the tube in the bathroom (left). The young man dances in the mirror as he brushes his teeth (right).

The young man walks out of his house and people laugh at him. He gets his hit with a soccer ball  He races to the bus stop and misses it. He picks up his papers on the ground. Staring at his coffee cup, he walks into work. At the printer, his boss tells him he was late. (left).The second version of himself smiles as he listens to music and waves to his friends. He catches the soccer ball and talks with his friends as he walks. He gets on the bus and talks with his crush. He greets his co-workers. They cheer him on as he makes a sale and the boss chats with him while he waits for his copies to print.  (right).

During the office birthday party, he sits in the conference room, wearing a dunce cap as he eats his cake He puts his hands on his head as he looks up at the sky (left). He talks with his crush and gives her jacket as they stare at the skyline. (right). The second version runs into the young man. The young man taps the chest of the second version of himself. The second version of himself nods and walks away. His crush puts her hand on his shoulder and they walk home together.

Rating: 5/5

The young man counts to ten after he cuts himself shaving. He tells himself it’s not a big deal as he dabs a tissue on it. It’ll heal and no one will notice. He changes outfits twice and decides on the first one he tried. His crush likes the color blue and he wanted to impress her. Glancing at the time, he gets his suitcase and walks to the bus stop.

His crush waves at him from the window and he sits next to her. They talk about their presentations and upcoming reviews. She tells him she wasn’t sure what to write for her self-evaluation. She didn’t want to come across arrogant. He says he just needed to improve, which probably is going to cost him a raise. She says he’s gotten better and that their boss has seen it.

The boss tells them hello. He turns to his crush and mouths “wow!” She says, “told you.” They sit at their desks and work on their reports. Every so often, they’ll turn to one another and smile. His co-worker tells him to ask her out. He nods and smiles. Most of his co-workers didn’t really talk to much to him. He wasn’t sure how to react. While he packs up his things, his crush walks over to his desk and asks him he’d like to get a drink after work. He says “sure.” She says she knows of a great bar. He drops his suitcase and she helps him. One of his co-workers places some of the papers on his desk. His boss walks by his desk and tells him to have a good night. His crush smiles and tells him he’s doing good. He says he knows what he’s going to have for his first drink. She tries to guess and he shakes his head, telling she’s getting close.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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