Video Review: Stevie Nicks “Talk To Me”

Stevie Nicks throws her head back as she sits on her bed. Her butler checks on her and walks away. Against a cornflower blue background, she sings into a microphone. She twirls her dress as she walks down a hallway of her home, which has paintings on the walls. She dances in silhouette by the window.

Holding a fan to her face, she sits on a rug in her family room. A mirror sits on the floor. Two young men and women dance with her in the hallway. Projected on the wall, Christopher Nicks plays the saxophone in black-and-white as she and her friends dance. She spins as he continues to play on the wall.

Wearing a white dress, she turns towards peppermint candy decorations on triangle shaped, royal blue boxes. She continues to dance in the hallway.

Rating: 3/5

Stevie Nicks explains the first painting to her friends and says she wanted a piece that represented friendship. Her first friend nods and says she’s going to get more wine. Nicks watches as she walks to the kitchen. Her second friend tells her he’s worried about their first friend. Nicks says she hopes she opens up.

Her first friend cuts her finger on the cork and curses in pain. Nicks and her other friends rush to the kitchen. Her first friend says she’s okay and then slides to the floor. Nicks puts her arm around her and sits with her. Her other friends say they are going to go. Nicks reaches for the bottle of wine and says she’s not going to let her drink alone.

As they sit in silence, her friend rests her head on Nicks’ shoulder. Nicks tells her stories about growing up. Her first friend giggles. Nicks says it’s good to hear her laugh. Her first friend says she should go. Nicks says she can stay over if she likes. Her first friend says she wants to just drive home and think. Nicks says to give her a call once she gets home. Nicks’ first friend grabs her coat and leaves. Nicks gets her phone and sits on the couch, waiting for her friend to call.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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