Video Review: Paula DeAnda & Bow Wow “Easy”

Wearing a silver, halter dress, Paula DeAnda dances against a lavender background. She walks on the sidewalk and two shirtless young men drop their boxes when they see her. One of the young men opens the car door for her. He gestures for her to call him as she puts her hands on the steering wheel.

As she drives, she waves to several young men. A second young man (Wilmer Valderrama) winks at her while at the traffic light. She waves her finger at a third young man who jumps out of the car with his friends and approaches.

In a black bra, black pants and black suspenders, she dances by DJ booth in the club. Bow Wow raps as she continues to dance by a decorative shelf. Baby Bash glances at her while she walks into the club. Bow Wow sits on the counter at the bar. Confetti falls on her as she lies on the ground against the lavender background. She dances with some young men in the club. A second group of men gesture for her to come over to them as she walks out with Bow Wow.

Rating: 3/5

Paula DeAnda explains to a young man that she appreciates the offer but she has to go to meet her boyfriend. The young man says he doesn’t see a ring and they can get together sometime during the weekend. She turns on the radio in the car and drives off.

Sometimes she didn’t mind the attention. However, the young man and his friend weren’t getting the point. If they were moving into the building, she was going to have a problem. A second young man winks at her and she checks him out. If she weren’t with her boyfriend, she would consider following him to wherever he was going. He was cute.

She requests a song to the DJ. The DJ tells her she’s pretty. She tells him he’s not so bad himself. It was a running joke between them. He was one of her best friends and usually looked out for at the club. A couple of regulars had hit on her and he had warned her off them. He also really liked Bow Wow and thought they made a good couple. Bow Wow sees her and they talk in the corner. He shakes his head as he watches the men stare. She says they’ve been doing that all night. Bow Wow puts his arm around and says he’s all hers.

Back at his home, she asks if she can stay over and mentions the young men she saw by her building. He kisses her and tells her that of course she can stay. She says they made really uncomfortable. Bow Wow says he could to talk to them. She says she doesn’t want the situation to escalate and she’ll bring up to the front desk. Bow Wow tells her he’s going to say something regardless and that she can’t count on the front desk to do anything. She says going to wash up and go to bed. He says he’ll join her soon.

Director: Billie Woodruff Year: 2007

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