Video Review: Thomas Wesley & Noah Cyrus “On Mine”

Through Noah Cyrus’ eye, she sees a horse running on the ranch. Wearing an white off-the-shoulder crop top and pants, she sits by the railing and feeds a white horse. Thomas Wesley hops off his tractor and walks to her.

The horses look at the ranch from the stables. Wearing a red, strapless dress and red cowboy hat, she dances by the stables. He leads the white horse while she rides it on the trail. Wesley puts some hay in the wheelbarrow and feeds the horses in the stables. He shovels some hay and fans himself with his hat. They ride on top of the tractor. He jumps from the top of the hay. She smiles at him. They bathe the white horse and line dance by the stables. He grins as she rides the black horse.

Rating: 4/5

Noah Cyrus rubs the white horse’s nose. She asks Thomas Wesley if the horse had its medication yet. Wesley says he hasn’t gotten around it yet. He runs inside the house and grabs the bottle. She feeds the horse its medication and tells him it’ll help. He says the vet scheduled a follow-up appointment next week. Cyrus remarks that the horse seems to be in better spirits. The horse neighs and she pets its mane.

He asks her if she’s staying. They’ve talked about it. However, she hadn’t told him her plans. It was nearing September and she’d be returning home soon. She tells him she’s become a country girl over the summer and has fallen in love with the quiet. He asks her if she misses the city. She shrugs and responds, “sometimes.” However, her parents want to come out and meet him. He says that’s understandable. She tells him she has a job interview at the flower shop. He says the owner’s really sweet and she has been asking him about her all the time. She’ll be glad to help out.

Wesley waves to Cyrus as she drives off in his pick-up truck. She had been taking a road trip and just stopped once they met at a diner. She had been asking for directions and he had bought her breakfast. They started talking and in about a month, she had moved out of her hotel and into his home. But he knew she could leave any moment. She had her entire social life in the city and it was far from what he could offer her. However, for her to want to stay. It meant everything to him.

Director: Brandon Dermer Year: 2020

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