Video Review: Craig David “What’s Your Flava?”

Based on the 1971 film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, A radio DJ tells his audience that “you are listening to the Flava Show on WXCD Radio, Now before we get to the new hot one, “What’s Your Flava?” by Craig David, let’s talk about the contest. There are four golden CD’s hidden inside Craig David’s new album, Slicker Than Your Average. The lucky four ladies that find the golden CD will win a tour of Craig David’s Music Factory hosted by Craig David himself. If that isn’t enough motivation, here it is. Craig David “What’s Your Flava?” right here on Flava Radio WXCD.” As the DJ speaks, a young man in New York opens each CD on the shelf inside a music store. A  second young woman in Paris, France opens the CD’s and tosses them in the back of her car. In London, a third young woman tears open the plastic as she sits on her bed and throws it to the side. A fourth young woman walks by an office building in Toronto, Canada. She opens her CD and finds it right away.

Craig David performs inside his Music Factory. The third young woman kisses the CD case after finding the golden CD. The second young woman puts her to chest and smiles. David opens the door of the factory and sees the fans behind the gate. He lets the people inside. During their tour, the four young women listen to him as he performs. The dancers accompany them as they take a ride. In the Fame room, he asks the second young woman to dance with him in front of the oversized video camera. She shoves him away and dances by herself. One of the dancers presses a button and vaporizes her into the video camera.

He and the first young woman float inside a cylinder as money flows. The first young woman grabs the money.The third young woman pushes him onto the bed and kisses him. He gets up and the bed collapses into the wall. He invites the fourth young woman into the elevator. The fans outside cheer as the elevator moves up and takes off into the sky.

Rating: 5/5

The fourth young woman pulls her arms close to her as Craig David gazes at them. The dancer behind the video camera checks her notebook and waits. The video camera The second young woman exclaims that she’d love to film an advertisement with him. He picks her and the fourth young woman sighs with relief. She gasps as the fourth young woman evaporates. She asks the second young woman, “that poor woman.” The second young woman says it’s not a big deal. It’s less competition for them.

The second young woman gets sucked into the ceiling after grabbing thousands of dollars. David tells them they were moving on. The second young woman would’ve liked to float within the cylinder. However, she would’ve taken any of the money. The tour alone was good enough. She didn’t need anymore.

The third young woman kisses David on the bed. The fourth young woman side-eyes her as she starts to unbutton his shirt. David tells her to stop and leaves the bed. He turns to her and gives her his hand. As they ride the elevator, she asks, “why me?” He explains that she’s a good person and doesn’t expect anything from him. He tells her that he wants to give her the best of everything and help out her family.

Director: Director X Year: 2002

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