Video Review: Dixie D’Amelio “Be Happy”

Dixie D’Amelio sits in a lounge chair by the pool. On the couch, she scrolls through social media on her phone. Her dog jumps on the couch and she smiles at him. Navy blue water runs over her legs as she grips the bathtub. The dog perks its ears as she throws the ball to him.

She holds an umbrella as the water falls into the pool. His ball falls into the pool and she sighs. She sits on the second floor roof. She walks down the stairs and sits on the steps, her head in her hands. At night, she sits on the bottom of the pool. She rises to the surface and pulls back her hair.

Rating: 3/5

Dixie D’Amelio kisses her dog’s head and throws the ball to him. He runs back to her and wags his tail. She tries to get the ball from but he won’t let go. She says he’s a silly boy and dangles her legs in the pool. Her dog cuddles beside her. She pets him as she looks around the backyard. Her dog was the only thing keeping her calm right now.

Her hand shakes as she pours the wine. The glass breaks and she bursts into tears. Her dog walks into the kitchen and she yells at him to get out. She slides against the counter and continues to cries. Everything was just so hard lately. A car parks in the driveway. She takes a paper towel and washes off her face. Her sister walks in and gives her a hug. She forces a smile and says she hadn’t gotten dinner out yet. Her sister says that’s fine and they can get carryout instead.

She picks at her salad as her sister talks about her husband. Her sister says she isn’t sure what she’s going to do with him. As her sister puts down her fork, she asks her if she’s feeling okay. She says her stomach is acting up. Her sister gathers the foam containers and seperates the leftovers. She puts some in the refrigerator and says that maybe she’ll be hungry tomorrow.

After her sister leaves, she dives into the pool and sits at the bottom, staring at the night sky for about 30 seconds. It was still under the water. She touches the waves and reaches for the surface.

Director: Christian Guiton Year: 2020

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